First Graphene: successful production of graphene oxide opens up new growth curve, including water filtration

First Graphene: successful production of graphene oxide opens up new growth curve, including water filtration

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First Graphene Limited has successfully produced multi-kilogram quantities of graphene oxide at the Company’s Henderson facility in Western Australia.
Building on existing manufacturing expertise, First Graphene identified a new route to manufacturing
graphene oxide materials using the Company’s existing capabilities, opening an expanded range of
commercial opportunities.
The graphene oxide product was manufactured in a cost-effective, scalable, and repeatable process
that produces a consistent product with minimal waste streams.

About Graphene Oxide

Graphene oxide is similar to graphene but has a high oxygen content which makes it readily
dispersible in water. The material is strong, flexible and porous with a high surface area, which is
suitable for filtration and supercapacitor applications.
First Graphene’s product will meet the needs of various industries, with strong demand already
identified in water purification and desalination processes. The company is currently in discussions
with customers in these markets.
Graphene oxide’s characteristics make it suitable for use in polar thermoplastic polymers, such as
PVC, polyesters and nylon, as well as aqueous coatings. The graphene oxide market presents a
significant opportunity for the company, poised to reach USD$2.7 billion by 2033 (Research Nester).

Graphene oxide can also be deployed in concrete applications, diversifying and enhancing First
Graphene’s product offerings to cement and concrete clients around the world.

The company is advancing work to supply this new product to multiple high demand industries, which
will bolster First Graphene’s global commercialisation strategy and market opportunities.

First Graphene Managing Director and CEO Michael Bell said:
The successful production of graphene oxide marks a major milestone for First Graphene, as we
have created a high-demand material without incurring additional costs to the business.
The opportunities to deliver this new product to a raft of markets will bolster the Company’s
commercialisation strategy which is growing from strength to strength.
I look forward to providing further updates on our production of graphene oxide as it advances

More information https://firstgraphene.net/