Allrounder 1600 T: Automated rotary table application for the mobility sector

The combination of rotary table machine and automated parts handling produces a high-end application that is extremely attractive for many industries. Arbug will soon unveil a turnkey system based around an Allrounder 1600 T. An upstream stamping unit with conveyor system is integrated in the production cell. Parts handling is performed by a six-axis robotic system.

Allrounder 1600 T: Automated rotary table application for the mobility sector

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The Allrounder T vertical injection moulding machines from Arburg are entirely suitable for the production of challenging moulded parts. Their servo-electric three-station rotary table can perform various rotary sequences. It has no pillars, so as not to restrict the free space for moulds and media connections.

Overmoulding of metal inserts

The Allrounder 1600 T features a rotary table with a diameter of 1,600 millimetres and 2,000 kN of clamping force. The product, a complex fluid distributor, contains different metal inserts, which are overmoulded with 35 per cent glass-fibre reinforced PBT. A 4-cavity mould from Concraft produces four finished parts in a cycle time of around 60 seconds. The shot weight is 74.5 grams.

Complex: Automation with two robotic systems

The automation system provides three different types of inserts in a tray via a three-axis micro-robot. Then a six-axis robot with Concraft grippers and a load of 10 kg picks up a total of twelve inserts from this tray, and places them in the four cavities of the mould. After each injection process, it removes both the sprue and the finished parts.

The turnkey system has been customised with a stamping unit with stamping line conveyor system, also from local partner Concraft. There, the inserts are first stamped out and have the pins separated, before they are placed in the mould and overmoulded. Implementation of the Kuka six-axis robot and the total system sequence was handled in the Arburg Technology Factory (ATF) in Pinghu.

Arbug Allrounder rotary table machine
Arbug – Connectors

Practical: Features of the Allrounder rotary table machine

The electric drive together with precision position system ensures the high accuracy of the system and thus reliably protects the mould against damage and wear. Simultaneous insertion, overmoulding and removal ensure short cycles.

The large selection of options for a flexible configuration is as advantageous as the high safety standard, which is above the CE standard. Particularly in challenging areas like medicine or mobility, the Allrounder T provides precise results – also thanks to the pressure accumulator and lots of smart features on the Selogica control system that simplify setup and operation of the systems.

Cover photo: Arbug – Allrounder 1600 T

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