HRC has obtained GRS 4.0 certification for carbon-neutral products

Two recycled carbon fibre material products and two recycled carbon fibre finished products independently developed and produced by HRC, China’s leading comprehensive composite solutions provider, have obtained the Global Recycled Standard 4.0 certification.

HRC has obtained GRS 4.0 certification for carbon-neutral products

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Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certification is an international product standard that has strict requirements for recycled materials, supply chain, manufacturing, society and environment, chemical restrictions, etc. The goal of GRS is to increase the use of recycled materials in products and reduce or eliminate the harm caused by their production. As an international standard, GRS certification is highly recognized around the world, especially with the release of new EU regulations on the use of recycled materials in cars. Global OEMs such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen are also promoting related cooperation projects, says HRC.

The four products certified by HRC this time are recycled short carbon fibre, recycled carbon fibre composite felt, recycled carbon fibre scattered moulding plate and recycled carbon fibre building moulding plate. No additional chemicals are added during the production and manufacturing process. Both recycled carbon fibre materials use advanced recycling technology. The performance retention rate of the 100% recycled carbon fibre produced is greater than 90%, with excellent mechanical properties. They have been used in the construction engineering industry. Automobile manufacturing, rail transportation, aerospace and other fields also have broad application prospects.

In recent years, as public awareness of environmental protection continues to awaken, how to establish a sustainable and recyclable development model has become an important proposition for the strategic organization of enterprises. As the first composite material company in China to open the closed loop of carbon fiber application and one of the first composite materials companies to obtain GRS certification, HRC has actively promoted the research and development and promotion of carbon-neutral products such as natural fibers, recyclable fibers, hydrogen tanks, and thermoplastics since its establishment. The successful certification of this series of carbon neutral products is also one of the important results of a series of green development initiatives launched after HRC officially joined the “Carbon Neutral Action Alliance” as a council member in 2023.

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